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This is the link to join the exclusive ranks of like-minded, curious, informed, dedicated, ethical,
responsive and careful arrowhead & artifact collectors who are sincerely searching for
and sharing respectful knowledge about the cultures who were here before us:  those
who made their way into, explored and settled the entire New World so long ago.
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CLOVIS The First Americans?" and three digital
e-Books on subjects of special interest to Arrowhead Collectors.

In our enthusiasm for seeking and observing the
long-hidden or lost or misplaced evidence of past
cultures across this continent which we call home,
it is always the advice of this group that every
member and subscriber should both be aware of
and subject to the laws, ordinances, customs and
practices of the region and jurisdictions which
govern and guide the looking, finding, touching, and
potentially picking up of ancient artifacts in any
region where they explore or abide.

Always get permission, written if need be, from
private landowners on whose property you might
like to explore.  Learn about the state and regional
laws which concern antiquities and aged stuff left
behind by previous inhabitants of the land you may
have the opportunity to explore...and be informed
and guided by those rules.

As far as we know, no aboriginal persons or wild
game animals were harmed in the making of this
web site.  As to whether any wild game animals
were potentially harmed, killed, deprived of life, and
then perhaps butchered, cooked and eaten by the
ancient native American folks who made the
ancient, authentic hunting weapons and food
processing equipment which we see in the field of
exploration or acquire for our collections, that was
indeed the purpose for which many of these
projectile points, arrow points, dart points, spear
points, and knives, etc., were designed, produced
and utilized.

Of course, some of those hunting weapons were
damaged in the process, fell off their handles or
shafts, broke when they struck rocks after a near
miss, etc., and as often as not, those damaged and
used artifacts are what we discover, often after they
have been laying around on or in the ground for
hundreds or even thousands of years.
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